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operated by Stir Studio Kitchen

16 Clinton St., Hudson, OH 44236

10:00am - 1:00pm,

Monday thru Thursday

ages 8-12

Monday | kitchen safety + knife work + frying

freshly fried tortilla chips with pico de gallo

learning objectives: kitchen safety and cleanliness, chopping, slicing, dicing, frying

Tuesday | doughs

make-your-own pizza, pasta from scratch, veggie ranch dippers

learning objectives: making bread dough, using yeast, rolling pasta dough, developing sauces, knife work

Wednesday | flavors + ingredients

red coconut curry with thai meatballs and handmade na'an

learning objectives: developing flavors, exploring new ingredients, using a mortar and pestle, knife work

Thursday | desserts

fresh fruit trifle with hand-whipped cream and caramel sauce

learning objectives: measuring different ingredients, baking, proper whisking, developing sauces

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a bit more information...

Our camps are welcoming to kids with or without cooking experience. We meet youngstirs where they are and work from there.

Our camps are designed for children ages 8-12.

Every day includes a well-balanced snack and a meal. In addition to learning all about cooking, the youngstirs are definitely well-fed.

We're big on safety. The first day of camp begins with a deep dive into kitchen safety, and safe practices are a recurring priority throughout the week.

While we try to avoid the use of common allergens, our facility is far from allergen-free. If your child has common and/or severe food allergies, Youngstirs probably isn't a good fit for him or her.

Our classes are very hands-on and interactive. The youngstirs typically work in pairs for each activity, and our instructors give them plenty of independence.

Each youngstir will receive a binder with recipes, notes, and tips + tricks.

still need something? visit our FAQ page or call us

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