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does my child need to have cooking experience?

Our classes are welcoming to kids with or without cooking experience. We meet youngstirs where they are and work from there.

is Youngstirs good for both girls and boys?

Yep! We've intentionally designed our classes and brand to be gender-neutral. Girls and boys will feel equally comfortable.

how many kids are in each class?

There are 12 youngstirs in each class, and they work mostly in pairs.

what ages?

Youngstirs is designed for children ages 8-12.

is it safe?

Absolutely! We don't mess around. Our studios and equipment are designed to prioritize safety, and your child will be taught proper kitchen safety in each class.

can parents supervise?

We ask that parents and guardians are not present in the studio during classes. Our instructors teach youngstirs to be independent and confident, which is more difficult with grown-ups around.

who teaches the classes?

Head over to the our team page to learn more about our awesome instructors.

is it hands-on or demonstration?

Our classes are very hands-on. The youngstirs mostly cook in pairs, which creates an experience that is both interactive and collaborative. It's about 80% hands-on, 20% demonstration.

what if my kid has allergies?

We do our best to avoid using common allergens, but sometimes they're inevitable. We are by no means an allergen-free facility. If your child has common and/or severe food allergies, Youngstirs probably isn't a good fit for him or her.

will my kid eat while he or she is there?

You bet! All of our classes include healthy snacks. Additionally, the kids have the opportunity to eat whatever they cook as a full meal. And they can even take home leftovers!

what if a child misbehaves?

Kids will be kids... we get that. But we have no tolerance for dangerous behavior, disrespect towards our staff or other children, and bullies. We will send your child home and refund your money as we see fit.

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